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South End Biolab Tour; 'Porting' for Allston Apartments

SOUTH END—Noted microbiologist Thomas Menino and others toured the would-be B.U. biolab and found absolutely nothing to worry about: "Menino struck back at critics of the plant, saying 'We probably have more stringent rules and regulations of any city in the country.' Asked by reporters about incidents of spills at biosafety level-2 labs elsewhere at B.U., Menino said, 'B.U. reacted immediately, the Public Health commission reacted immediately, we put procedures in place to deal with the issues. We’re concerned about public safety.'" Satisfied? [Biz Journal]
ALLSTON—The new New Charlesview apartment development is being funded by "porting," or the transfer of Section 8 subsidies from one project to another by the Department of Housing and Urban Development: "[T]he project is being funded through an unusual mix of sources, with development underway by two nonprofits: The Community Builders (TCB), a national urban housing developer, and Charlesview Inc., an interfaith organization founded in 1969 between local Catholic, Jewish and Methodist congregations..." [Nu Wire]