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Somerville Foreclosures; Appy Days for Hubway, T

HUB-WIDE—Come on, get appy! Commonwealth and city officials want you to come up with applications of both transitory and gastronomic significance: "Officials announced three categories of apps: One that highlights 'the transit connections' between the T and Hubway rental stations, one that best visualizes 'A day in the life of the MBTA and New Balance Hubway' and 'Bikes, Lunch and T' to highlight city food trucks." [The Hub]
SOMERVILLE—The town did not experience the foreclosure jump that the commonwealth as a whole did, according to the latest figures: "According to the Warren Group's figures, there were 6 completed foreclosures in November of 2011, compared to 4 in November of 2010. Also, there were 8 properties that began the foreclosure process in Somerville during November of 2011, compared to 9 in November of 2010—again, relatively stable." [Patch]

New Balance Hubway

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