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A Snow Falls in Dorchester; Hub Home-Hunters Right Now

DORCHESTER—The above photo is what happens when there's a surprise snowfall. [The Hub]
BRIGHTON—A new website started in a basement by five Boston U. students promises to streamline apartment-hunting: "SocialRent is an online, Facebook-based platform that allows renters to find the perfect place to live without ever having to leave their couch. After choosing who they’d like to live with, all they need to do is enter their price range, decide on a location and configure their ideal layout, and the SocialRent crew does the rest." [BostInno]
HUB-WIDE—Here are the four types of home-hunters right now: "People who are planning ahead for next spring. Bargain hunters who are looking for a project house. People with a compelling need to buy (like pregnancy or a strong displeasure with their current school district.) These are added to clients who are still looking since this autumn." []