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John Henry's Brookline Manse; Beacon Hill Blding Sale; More

BROOKLINE—The Globe's Alex Beam looks at Massachusetts' zanier mansions, including one belonging to Red Sox owner John Henry: "Two people walk in front of the staggering entrance to Henry's Brookline mansion. From the street, you can see the grand entryway, which has a Hyatt Vacation Club feel to it." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—Per our little vote last week on whether to bring back rent control, one tipster points us to a study that says the solution to affordable housing might just be to let existing stock grow old: "An interesting finding was that homes over 50 years old showed an increase in owner or renter income, even though the survivorship effect was controlled for by following individual houses over time." [Old Urbanist]

BEACON HILL—One of those gorgeous buildings right around the Statehouse has sold for $4.15M. The six-story, Queen Anne-style 9 Park Street is best known as the home of No. 9 Park restaurant, and it was in the same family since 1939. We wish it well in its new life. [Curbed Boston]