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Another 'New York Style' Building in Back Bay: $2.75M

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One more and it's a trend! We told you this morning about the 4-BR, 3-BA condo touting itself as being in a "well-maintained New York-style building" (276 Marlborough). Now comes the debut of another Back Bay stunner also claiming stylistic parentage from down I-95 (we guess the Big Apple doesn't fall far from the tree... or something). In this case, a "gracious N.Y.-style building" (90 Commonwealth) contains this 3,091-square-feet condo with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and touches like Venetian murals and Byzantine tiles on the bathroom walls. Yours for $2,750,000.

We have to wonder what's implied by "New York style." Exclusivity? Fabulously attentive maintenance? Indefinable smells emanating from the sidewalk just beyond the gilded lobby? Perhaps it's all three and more. But just what would "Boston style" imply? Suggestions welcome.

· Listing: 90 Commonwealth Avenue, #18-19 [Zillow]
· $4.3M on Beacon; $1.2M in SoBaBa; $2.3M for 'New York Style' [Curbed Boston]