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Worst Boston Nabes for Cat-Calls; Quincy vs. Grocer

ALLSTON—Punching a cat-calling homophobe sets off a debate over Boston neighborhoods: "It's kind of astounding when I think about it, how much safer females friends I knew felt walking around Roxbury Crossing or Jamaica Plain at night than Allston on a Friday or Saturday night. That neighborhood is such a fraty shithole, more women should take the initiative to knock out more dudebros that try to hassle them." [Jezebel]

QUINCY—C-mart and Quincy are trying to work it out over a third location for the grocer: "[T]he two parties have presented a judge with 'an agreement to halt court proceedings' for a lawsuit by C-mart's owner over the city's decision that a new store would create too much traffic. C-mart, which primarily sells Asian goods, says that verdict was biased and contained 'racial undertones.'" [Eater Boston]