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T Cuts' Housing Effects; Gas Bills; Boston's Commercial R.E.

HUB-WIDE—It's not just the inconvenience re: the T: "Drastic service cuts and fare increases will not only burden today’s commuters and travelers; they will also impede economic growth and damage the region’s environment for decades to come. ... [T]wo-thirds of all new housing and jobs from 2000–2030 will occur within one mile of fixed route transit service, allowing people to live, work, and play with less reliance on the automobile."
HUB-WIDE—NSTAR customers could see their gas pain ease this winter: "According to press release put out by the utility company today, NSTAR customer can expect a mid-winter price cut thanks to a 'continued steady decline in natural gas prices.' ... What this means for customers, NSTAR says, is that on average, the new lower supply price will save NSTAR customers who heat with natural gas about $15 a month compared with current rates and a total of about $30 a month compared to last winter." [Patch]
BOSTON—The city ranks among the top in the world at attracting commercial real estate investment: "According to JLL, Boston attracted approximately $6 billion in direct commercial real estate investment in 2010-2011, far behind London's $43 billion, which topped the list. Still, Boston fared better than several larger, European capital cities, including Moscow and Berlin." [Banker & Tradesman]