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Moksa Opens Next Month; A Year of Pizza

And, now, the weekly word from our culinary cousin, Eater Boston.

BACK BAY—New York and New England rivalries are ratcheting up in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, and never has there been a better time to pit regional chowder styles against one another. Legal Sea Foods, Post 390 on Stuart Street and The Huffington Post are all getting in on the action.
HARVARD SQUARE—Exactly one year ago, Portland, ME darling Otto Pizza made the bold move to head south and take on Boston pizza by opening up a shop in Harvard Square. Eater interviews the pizzeria's owner on the trials and tribulations of year one, including a burst pipe right before opening day and an angry vegetarian Yelper.
FINANCIAL DISTRICTJ.A. Stats has officially closed its doors and will serve steak tips no more. The restaurant's Facebook page sorrowfully thanks its patrons and notes that its Southie location remains open.
CENTRAL SQUARE—Chef Patricia Yeo plans to open the much anticipated new Moksa next month, and when she does, it will become this square's biggest deal restaurant ever. Moksa will include a restaurant-within-a restaurant showcasing the creations of guest chefs, its own nightclub, and full menu dining hours about as late as they come around here.