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Boston's Tech Sector and Real Estate: What If?

Boston's tech sector is falling farther behind New York's, according to new numbers from The Globe's Hiawatha Bray. Boston has 116 new media companies with at least 10 employees (for about 10,900 employees total), while the beast down the street has 230 companies employing about 19,600. Not only that, but New York has a more robust climate for the venture capital that fuels tech start-ups.

We bring this up only in the context of the city's recent development efforts. See, so much of the Menino administration's plans for East Boston, South Boston and other areas hinges on growth in the tech sector. The administration and private developers are counting on legions of fresh tenants for things like hundreds of new micro-apartments and several new commercial buildings. Even the mayor's wish to expand inter-neighborhood ferry service relies in part on more techies in town. Suppose they never materialize in large enough numbers? Just askin'.

Now, a couple of caveats: The latest numbers don't necessarily show that Boston's tech sector isn't growing; only that it's not growing as fast as New York's. And maybe the answer's so what—after all, there's Cambridge. You don't even need a ferry.

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