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D Street Plans in Southie; Would You Buy Your Spouse a House?

HUB-WIDE—To have and to hold—and to buy a home for? Scott Van Voorhis speculates as to who wears the pants in a housing decision: "So who calls the shots when it comes to real estate in your family? And have you ever thought of surprising your significant other with a house?" Well? []

BOSTON—Redfin's out with its take on the Case-Shiller housing-price index for October: "All three of Boston’s tiers fell in October, with the middle tier taking the biggest hit. Month to month, the low tier was down 0.5%, the middle tier fell 1.0%, and the high tier decreased 0.8%." [Redfin]

SOUTH BOSTON—Patrick D. Rosso has more details on the 200,000-square-foot development planned at 411 D Street: "The first building would be six stories with a height close to 70 feet. The first building will also include a roof top terrace. The second building which will reach five stories and be nearly 60 feet tall, will also include residential units along with a second floor garden terrace and a roof top garden terrace. The second building will also differ in shape, reducing floors on the southern side to allow for more light on the second floor garden terrace." []