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IKEA Might Ditch Somerville Outlet; Cells on Blue, Green Lines

SOMERVILLE—Woah, now: "IKEA still hasn't made up its mind about building a store in Somerville's Assembly Square, and there's no indication about when the global furniture chain will make that decision, according to an IKEA official." Assembly Square, you'll recall, is part of what Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone has called the "best brand-new neighborhood" on the East Coast. Might not be without some Swedish meatballs. [Patch]
HUB-WIDE—Now you know why there's still no cell service on some Blue and Green line trains: "During the last quarter of 2011, InSite Wireless worked to install the infrastructure on the Blue Line and Green Lines. The Blue Line is complete, as is the Green Line from Government Center to Kenmore, and InSite is in the final stages of testing the last stretch from Government Center out to Science Park. No installation has started on the E Branch, however Mullin [a Wireless VP] assures it wasn’t slated for completion by 2011." [BostInno]

Assembly Square Mall

177 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, MA