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Lechmere Station Changes; Underneath the T's Tunnels; More!

HUB-WIDE—Lisa DeCanio caught up with Shawn Dufour, the photographer snapping those shots of the T's abandoned tunnels: "That notion holds interest for me as well. The abandoned stretches of track are like a time capsule of times gone by. It demonstrates how much the city has changed over the decades. Urban decay looks sad at first, but I love the richness of dust piles, the texture of rusty surfaces, the pattern of broken glass or tangled wires." [BostInno]
HUB-WIDE—George Thrush thinks we should let our infrastructure hang out: "For instance, when you drive down the highway today–on any average section of Route 128, 93 North, or the Mass Pike–you see examples everywhere of the infrastructure that powers our lives: High-voltage electric wires, bridges, wind turbines, and perhaps most of all, cell phone towers and their country cousins, the building-mounted cellular relay units. Without these pieces of basic infrastructure, it’s impossible to imagine living our modern lives. And yet with few exceptions, we expend most of our effort trying to hide these structures, suppressing the vitality of our interconnected high-tech world." [Boston Daily]
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Gibson Sotheby's takes stock of the coming changes at the T's Lechmere Station: "This development is due to get underway in the new year around the summer and fall months and should be completed by 2017. Moreover, the expansion to allow additional routes to Somerville that will open up to College Avenue is estimated to only be completed by 2019. ... Moreover, another way in which this project is benefiting the people of the Greater Boston Area is that there will be a renaming of the Monsignor O’Brien Highway to become the Monsignor O’Brien Boulevard. The hope is that this will create a far better pedestrian feel." [Gibson Sotheby's]