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Cambridge's Riskiest Intersection; $13M Back Bay Sale

CAMBRIDGE—Meet the riskiest intersection in the People's Republic: Thousands of bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists converge each day at the intersection near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus, where crowds of students on Vassar Street meet traffic on Massachusetts Avenue. Police say it’s a hazard. 'For the amount of volume that goes through that intersection . . . I would say it is one of our highest accident locations in the city,' said Police Deputy Superintendent Jack Albert." []
BACK BAY—Buildings at 131 Newbury Street and 569 Boylston Street traded for more than $13M total, and the buyer, developer Raj Dhanda, he of the all-glass building going up in Harvard Square, wasted no time with the similes: “The acquisition of these two properties complements my portfolio of urban properties, a collection to be appreciated in terms similar to gem stones. Like fine jewels, each property exhibits its own unique qualities and innate value.” [Biz Journal]