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The South End Condo w/ the Would-Be Warhols

You will want to redecorate post-haste should you buy this 2-BR, 1-BA condo in the South End. The airy openness of its 1,482 square feet is only accentuated by the oversize windows and the bounteous natural light they provide. But! Throughout are post-modern (do have that right?) art that strikes us as a few brush strokes short of Warhol. The stroller painting in the living room should spook any would-be parents (if the shark one in the back corner doesn't scare them away first). A singleton with a sense of irony as the buyer perhaps? Yours for $774,900.

· 57 East Concord Street, #4 [Gibson Sotheby's]
· Our That's Rather Hideous archive [Curbed Boston]