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The Chinatown Penthouse w/ Exposed Courtyard, Music Room

[Michael Weschler via The New York Times in 2007]

In November 2007, The New York Times ran a story about a 30-something couple looking to relocate from Lower Manhattan to Boston to be nearer to their parents as well as to cut back on expenses (one-half of the couple was about to turn pro as a cellist). They picked 5-7-9 Hudson Street in Chinatown and set about combining two top-floor apartments of 1,100 square feet each into an epically precious spread for them and their two young children. The single unit was then deftly divided into 3 bedrooms, with a stair and elevator core in the middle, an interior courtyard open to the elements, and exposures on four sides (plus flourishes like a dedicated music room and a playroom). Jealous? Well, the couple is going back to New York City, and their spread is on the market through Otis & Ahearn for $1.2 million. Go.

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