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Google+: Figuring Out Kendall Square's New Apartment Tower

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Kendall Square should be getting a new apartment building, though it might tarry. Boston Properties, the New York-based developer (ironic, eh?) behind Google's expansion in the area, pledged at a Wednesday night meeting of the East Cambridge Planning Team to develop an apartment building. The pledge was not entirely too surprising, given that a residential component was always part of the City Council's approval last winter of Google's commercial expansion. But what might the apartment building look like? And when will it be done?

Marc Levy at Cambridge Day speculates as to the building's dimensions based on current zoning in the area: a building could reach a height of 250 feet, "which would mean a tower of some 200,000 square feet holding anywhere from 200 to 280 units on 22 stories, give or take a story..." And you guessed it—this being the Hub's tech Valhalla, the building will likely include micro-apartments. Though, Boston Properties stressed that it was too early to break down the makeup.

The entire project, in fact, is in the gestation phase, subject to all sorts of wrangling over zoning, design and siting on Ames Street. Don't expect, then, an opening in 2013. Boston Properties, in fact, hinted at a construction start of 2014 and an opening in 2016. Sit tight.

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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA