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How Much a Month for a Brand-New 3-BR in Somerville?

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What/Where: 3-BR, 2-BA at Maxwell's Green
Square Footage: 1,420
The Skinny: Maxwell's Green is the most gabbed-about new rental development in Somerville. And for good reason: the 184-unit complex less than a mile from Davis Square is not only transit-oriented, but comes with a slew of amenities for tenants, including a gym, a theater room, a club with a chef's kitchen, even a yoga studio. How much would you pay to live in one of its largest apartments? (Note: This is a particularly easy PriceSpotter to cheat at, as Maxwell's Green has a fab website. Don't cheat, though. You're better than that.)

Poll results

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Maxwell's Green

Lowell Street, Somerville, MA