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What Do You Get the Back Bay Mansion That Has Everything?

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Everybody's favorite Boston mega-mansion, the Ames-Webster at 306 Dartmouth Street, is a week away from turning 1,000 days. That's a long time in the city's housing market as properties now typically spend around 90 days looking for a buyer—if not significantly less. But the Ames-Webster mansion is not typical. No, no, no. It's a 26,000-square-foot wonderland of stained glass, murals and mosaics, with 50 rooms and 28 fireplaces, the kind of spread where a man could really get some brandy-drinking done. It's been asking a gobsmacking $18,000,000 since an equally gobsmacking $5 million price-chop in late 2011. Why has it not sold? There's the price, certainly—it makes the Ames-Webster, by far, the most expensive listing on the Boston market. It's also that it's not necessarily a home. It can be used commercially as well, meaning it just may be the grandest office-in-waiting these parts can offer. Damn shame about that recession.

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Ames-Webster Mansion

306 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116