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Central Square's New Status; Hubway Holds a Contest

CAMBRIDGE—Hold your head high this weekend, Central Square! For you are one of the commonwealth's newest cultural districts: "A cultural district is a compact, walkable area of a community with a concentration of cultural facilities, activities, and assets. ... Each new district will have signage, an online profile on the Mass. Office of Travel and Tourism and MCC websites, and other amenities." [Chronicle]
HUB-WIDE—You have until midnight on Halloween [clap of thunder, streak of lightning]: "To celebrate the release of comprehensive user data, Hubway and MAPC are inviting you to visualize half a million Hubway rides." [Hubway]

Central Square

Central Square, , MA 02139

New Balance Hubway

700 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 855-448-2929