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Your New Ramen Shop; Upper Crust Goes Bankrupt

Here comes our trencherman cousin, Eater Boston, with the week's restaurant and nightlife news.

CAMBRIDGE—Here, check out the imminently opening YumeWoKatare ramen shop, a Japanese import on the verge of upping Porter Square's slurping potential. [Update: It opens tonight!]
BOSTON—Presenting an updated map of the city's 38 most essential restaurants. Agree, disagree?
SOUTH ENDCoppa general manager Mary Edes speaks with Eater for our interview series The Gatekeepers, where we chat with those who stand between you and the city's hottest tables. Find out when to score a seat and why you shouldn't ask for a corner table.
BOSTON/RI/DC—After a series of PR nightmares including labor violations, infighting, and accusations of illicitly-begotten personal pleasure craft, the Boston-based, East Coast pizzeria chain The Upper Crust has been dealt its most serious blow yet: bankruptcy. All in all, the company is $3.4 million in debt.