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Here's What Cambridge Looks Like to the Sun

Above is what the sun might see as it shines on Cambridge, according to a new mapping tool built by M.I.T.'s Sustainable Design Lab and Boston-based design firm Modern Development Studio. It basically shows the potential for solar power for buildings throughout the city. There is a big catch, however, as Emily Badger at the Atlantic Cities blog explains:

Within the borders of Cambridge, Massachusetts, are 17,000 rooftops, or 17,000 individual surfaces on which it might make sense one day to install photovoltaic cells. Of course, these roofs are not all equally fit for solar power. Some of them have weird chimneys or sloping architecture or tree shade. Some buildings are oriented in the wrong direction (for the sun's purposes, at least), or they're boxed in by even taller structures that block out natural daylight. Still. Neat.

· Mapping the Potential for Solar Power On Every Roof [Atlantic Cities]


Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA