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Pads for Hyannis Mega Millions Winner; Rental Horror Stories

It's always sunny at Curbed Cape Cod!

EAST FALMOUTH—We're taking off to East Falmouth for this week's PriceSpotter. The star of our asking price guessing game is a four bedroom Colonial located in Falmouth's Airpark(above). Any idea how much it might cost to fly in or drive in? $900K? $1.45M? The polls are open.
CAPE COD—This week in week in Curbed Comparisons we check out properties asking $250K. These listings for mere mortals range from a 352 sq. ft. Wellfleet cottage to a Harwich antique ready for an extreme home makeover.
CAPE COD—What would you do with $30.5 million? We've come up with a few options for the 22-year-old Hyannis Mega Millions winner to consider. We looked for properties where both he and the inevitable entourage would be comfortable, of course. We found a master suite straight outta "Cribs" (Disappearing TV in the mirror? Check.) and more, right this way.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Got a rental horror story from over the bridge? Was the cottage contaminated? Were there bugs in the bungalow? It doesn't have to be a vacation rental, any kind will do, as long as it was horrible. Tell us all about it and enter to win a free month's rent!