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Odd Apple Map of Fenway; Somerville Hubway; More!

SOUTH BOSTON—It's like the Oscars of affordable housing! "The now-completed Phase One of the Old Colony redevelopment in South Boston was highlighted by the Affordable Housing Finance magazine after readers named it the 'Best Urban Project.' ... The first phase of the multi-phase redevelopment involved the demolition of 164 existing units and the construction of 116 housing units in mid-rise residential buildings, along with four groups of townhouses, which hold close to 34 one- to five-bedroom units." []
MASS.-WIDE—Home seizures by lenders decreased in August: "But not all the news was good. Year-over-year petitions, the first step in the process, rose in August, increasing 4.2 percent to 1,456 from 1,397 in August 2011. Petitions have increased every month so far this year, except in July when starts dropped 16.8 percent year-over-year." [Biz Journal]

SOMERVILLE—The city's getting four more Hubway racks: "The new stations will be installed in Davis, Powder House, Ball, and Wilson/Porter Squares, the city said. Current stations are located at Conway Park at Somerville Avenue, City Hall, Union Square, and Beacon Street at Washington Street." []
FENWAY—Apple's map for Boston's famed ballpark and beer garden is a head-scratcher: "Fenway Park pops up on Apple's Maps with perfect clarity, cradled by Lansdowne Street and Yawkey Way. But in the overhead view of the ballpark itself, there is something strange. It appears to be carpeted in white. Peculiar towers rise near home plate and in the outfield." [Globe]

New Balance Hubway

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