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Boston Condo Inventory; Rose-Colored Orange Line; More!

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HUB-WIDE—A new exhibit paying homage to the old elevated Orange Line has opened at the Copley Square branch of the Boston Public Library: "The exhibition features 65 photographs from a 1985 project that documented Boston's elevated rail system prior to its 1987 dismantling. The elevated Orange Line, known simply as the El, served as fast and dependable transportation above Washington Street, from Chinatown to Dudley Square, between 1901 and 1987." []
BOSTON—John A. Keith breaks down inventory and price numbers for the condo market and finds that, yes, things are tighter. For instance, there were 356 units available for sale for the month ending Oct. 21, while there were 863 for the month ending Oct. 23, 2009. "It is what it is. Low inventory means fewer properties for buyers to buy–less activity." [John A. Keith]

CAMBRIDGE—It first appeared in July in response to plans to rezone part of Central Square in order to build taller and more densely. Now it's gone: "Saying their concerns had been heard and citing the need for revisions, citizens announced on Monday morning that they wanted to withdraw the The Area IV Neighborhood Preservation Petition—and would stop fighting for passage in its current form." [Day]
BOSTON—The Urban Land Institute guesstimates that the city's commercial real estate market is poised to take off in 2013: "While the Hub was edged out by San Francisco, New York City, San Jose, Austin, Texas and Houston for job growth, Boston scored sixth in the nation thanks to an increase in high-technology and biomedical research & development employment, increasing investor interest..." [Biz Journal]