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Hub's Newest Religious Conversion? 56 Magazine Asks $2.25M

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Seems not a month can pass without one of the region's capacious old churches giving itself up to redevelopment as someone's apartment with cavernous ceilings. Most recently, it was the old Gate of Heaven gym in Southie, which will join the old Gate of Heaven rectory next-door as apartments. Now, it looks as if the old Grace United Methodist Church at 56 Magazine Street in Cambridgeport could join the flock. A listing for the 11,000-square-foot space dating from 1887 dropped less than two weeks ago, with an asking price of $2,250,000 and a coy suggestion that, while "potential residential uses" remain "undetermined," the church "appears best suited for 4 units, according to Cambridge dimensional requirements." Offers are due to be presented today. Godspeed.

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