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North End Condo Sellers Only Need Three Months—Tops

This is Neighborhood Watch, a monthly breakdown from Curbed Boston about what's going on market-wise in key neighborhoods 'round the region (and, for our purposes here, towns and cities are neighborhoods, too—because they almost were, after all). All stats courtesy of William Raveis Real Estate. Next up, the North End condo market (as there were not enough single-family trades for legitimate stats).

The North End isn't just some big nightclub (though it is that). People live there, man! And they can now sell their condos for a median price of $379,500, after a 8.4 percent annual jump in September. Why the jump? The demand, silly. North End condo sales were up more than 20 percent annually as inventory declined by nearly 30 percent. And! The average time it takes to move one of these condos declined a whopping 41.7 percent to 88 days. To be fair, the average of all of Boston was 86 days; but the drop in the North End from September 2011 was much steeper than the drop for the city as a whole (13.1 percent).

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