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Mass. Tax Bills; Dorchester Development; Newton Traffic

MASS.-WIDE—Whole sections of the Hub are not included in this map, but it's still a fascinating peek: "Twelve communities in Massachusetts—most in MetroWest—have average tax bills of more than $10,000 a year. Topping the list is Weston, at more than $16,000, followed by Sherborn, Lincoln and Dover." []
DORCHESTER—The project would include three two-family rentals: "Developers of a multi-building project on Clarkson Street in Dorchester will be going back to the community, after Boston's Zoning Board of Appeals agreed to delay consideration at the request of the developer." []

NEWTON—Would ya look at that? Traffic worries in the Hub! "The latest version of the plan for the redevelopment of land adjacent to the Riverside MBTA station represents a scaled-back project, but it continues to draw concerns from neighbors who fear the developers aren't doing enough to mitigate traffic and other concerns." [Tab]