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Hubway Set to Music; Lovejoy Wharf Deal; Hottest ZIPs

HUB-WIDE—Ladies and gentlemen, a day in the life of Hubway. [BostInno]
MASS.-WIDE—Here are the state's hottest housing markets by ZIP code, with those in Boston proper particularly scorching. But! "Which is not to say everything is rosey; there are still a number of communities, particularly in the state's hard-hit industrial hubs and regional cities, that have struggled to turn the corner amid falling prices and stubbornly high foreclosure rates." [Biz Journal]
WATERFRONT—The deal could mean not only new office space for Converse but new condos, too: "Boston-based Beal Cos. and the Related Cos. in New York have reached an agreement to buy Lovejoy Wharf, the stalled $200 million proposed development on Boston Harbor..." [Biz Journal]

New Balance Hubway

700 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116 855-448-2929

Lovejoy Wharf

131 Beverly Street, Boston, MA