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Skydivers Dropping F-Bombs; Rental Horror Stories; More!

Curbed Cape Cod will survive the Frankenstorm—it's invincible!

ORLEANS—A cottage asking $117,900 hit the market in Orleans this week. The catch? It's 208 sq. ft. With 18 photos, you won't miss a single inch of this one bedroom microdwelling with a strong rental history.
CAPE & ISLANDS—This week in week in Curbed Comparisons, we head to the water for harbor front listings (above). We're checking out a cottage on Wellfleet Harbor asking $629K, a family compound on Edgartown Harbor asking $14.8M and then some.
CHATHAM—Noise from the municipal airport's 26,000 takeoffs and landings, plus "the screaming curses of novice skydivers dropping nearly 2 miles to Earth" (no doubt hollering something like "?#@*&%! Groupon!") are driving the neighbors nuts. They want action, yesterday.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Got a rental horror story from over the bridge? Was the cottage contaminated? Were there bugs in the bungalow? It doesn't have to be a vacation rental, any kind will do, as long as it was horrible. Tell us all about it and enter to win a free month's rent!