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Beacon Hill... It Depends on What You're Buying

This is Neighborhood Watch, a monthly breakdown from Curbed Boston about what's going on market-wise in key neighborhoods 'round the region (and, for our purposes here, towns and cities are neighborhoods, too—because they almost were, after all). All stats courtesy of William Raveis Real Estate. Next up, Beacon Hill.

Wowza. The Beacon Hill single-family market stumbled in September, with sales flat and prices dropping by double-digit percentages (the average sales price was down more than 17 percent). At the same time, bucking a wider Boston trend, inventory was down only slightly. Instead of the double-digit percentage drops we've seen in the South End, Back Bay, etc., the volume of available homes was down but 7.7 percent annually.

This is more like it: sales up slightly as prices rise significantly (the median sales price crested $600,000) ; inventory down by a double-digit percentage; and the average time it takes to sell a condo dropping big-time annually, too.

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