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Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Might Build in Brookline

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One of the few planes to make it into Logan today was the one spiriting the Patriots triumphantly from London. Among those on board, of course, was Tom Brady, who is reportedly looking to buy a five-acre parcel in Brookline near the guy who ponied up for said plane, Patriots owner Bob Kraft.

Recall: Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen sold their Back Bay penthouse at 310 Beacon Street for $9.2 million in June. They have been renting it back from buyers William Walser and Peter H. Mattoon. The It couple also has a brand-new manse in L.A. that they apparently have no intention of unloading. Which means! The Brookline creation (in Chestnut Hill, to be exact) would be kind of New England's nicest pied-a-terre ever. Stay tuned.

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310 Beacon Street

310 Beacon Street, Boston, MA