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SandyWire! Millennium Place; Kenmore Square; Wellesley

DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Millennium Place, like a lot of construction sites in the Hub (and there are many!), has battened down the freakin' hatches. It's on for the evening. [Millennium Place Blog]
HUB-WIDE—Yes, power's out in places and utilities are aware. [Herald]
WELLESLEY—Smart move, we say: "Wellesley Police are reminding residents to 'vote for Hurricane Sandy' and take down political lawn signs—which Sandy will turn into projectiles—until after the storm has passed." []

KENMORE—A billboard in Kenmore Square looks like it might fall. [Boston EMS]
EAST BOSTON—A tree slammed into a house and knocked out a window. Meanwhile, the streets are increasingly deserted. Be safe. [Globe]

Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111