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Somerville's Big Union Square Plan Moves Forward

It's one small step for Mayor Joseph Curtatone, one giant leap for Somerville: the city's aldermen O.K.'d Curtatone's Union Square redevelopment plan, which could add up to 850 housing units to the area as well as thousands of new residents and square feet of commercial and retail space. While the 850 does not seem like that much in the light of all eternity, do keep in mind that Somerville, like much of the Hub (much of eastern Mass.!), suffers from a chronic housing shortage: Most of the city's stock are small apartment buildings; and, of those buildings, 34 percent are only two units, with just 12 percent having more than 20.

Curtatone's Union Square plan is not to be confused with the larger SomerVision, a 20-year master plan for the entire city that anticipates adding 6,000 housing units and then some commercially and parks-wise (it's handily mapped above). The Union Square plan might be seen as an opening salvo in SomerVision, and is predicated on the Green Line reaching the area sometime in our lifetimes (we kid: it's supposed to be there by early 2017).

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