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40 Trinity Plans: 33 Floors of Four-Star Hotel Rooms, Apts.

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'Tis official: the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center at 40 Trinity Place will likely be redeveloped into a 33-story building with both hotel rooms and apartments. The 220 hotel rooms will be complemented by all the whiz-bang of a four-star hotel, according to a release from the developers Jordan Warshaw, Gary Saunders and Jeffrey Saunders, including conference rooms and a gym. More importantly for an apartment-starved Boston, the building's 142 apartments (update: a rep for the developers says they will be condos) will range from studios all the way to family-friendly three-bedrooms (and will have access to the hotel's amenities and there will be 100 parking spaces for residents to fight over).

Rumors of a 40 Trinity redevelopment first broke nine months ago. The city still needs to sign off on the plans, but the developers so far are doing everything right: they're touting the development as "transit-oriented" and "consistent with smart-growth." The redevelopment also allows for the expansion of the University Club (and Mayor Menino himself has voiced support). And, as we noted, the apartments are not all cubbyholes for techies. The building, too, instantly becomes one of the tallest new ones to go up in a Boston that suddenly seems enamored of spires.

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