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Foreclosed 6 Cazenove Rises Like a Renovated Phoenix

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Feast your eyes on this puppy, won't you? A renovated 3-BR, 3-BA townhouse in the Hub's No. 1 neighborhood, 6 Cazenove Street wants you to know that said renovation "was modeled after Boston's classic 19th century architecture." Everything's new or newish in the 2,457-square-foot spread, though in our estimation it loses a little something in being just so: it's almost too new. Why tout the roots when the roots have been ripped up. Still, there is the private patio and the roof deck with that view. Go for it: just $1,960,000 (nearly $2M $200K more than the $1,775,000 it sold for at a foreclosure auction in March 2011).

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