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Game-Changing Dot Spot Aims to Fill In 'Wasteland'

Nowhere is safe from the Boston building boom. Nowhere. That includes a 400-acre-plus swath of Dorchester around the JFK/UMass T stop that has been, in the words of the local state rep, "I don't want to say wasteland—but a barren spot for so long." Well, you did say it and here comes a plan for a $60 million apartment complex with 278 units. They will unfold over two five-and-a-half-story buildings with a club room, a gym, a parking garage and a courtyard. It's a game-changer alright. Per Erin Ailworth in The Globe:

[Developer David] Greaney said he expects the apartments to be the first wave of development in the neighborhood, helping to spur investment in retail and other business opportunities around the JFK/UMass station and Columbia Point. ... Greaney said he hopes residents will be a "cross section of Boston" from "different income levels, different jobs, different neighborhoods." The residents, at least of this opening salvo, will not likely be families, however, a development trend that seems to hold across much of the Hub. The apartments in the new development are slated to be no larger than two-bedrooms, though rents seem as if they will be competitively priced at $1,200 to just over $2,000 a month. We would expect that to change quickly, though, if the "wasteland" does flourish.

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