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Habemus Price-Chop! Albert A. Pope PH Lops $500K Off

The penthouse at the Albert A. Pope Building in the Back Bay-South End borderlands has grown weary of being on the sales market. So, one year and eight days into the whole affair, it cut its price $500,000. The Oct. 3 move, if recent luxury sales in the Hub are any guide, virtually assures that the 3-BR, 2.5-BA, 3,500-square-foot spread sells soon at or around its new tag of $6,700,000. With that comes one of the lushest terraces of the entire Curbed Boston 76, plus panoramic views and two parking spaces. It last sold in August 1997 for $450,000 (those were the days) and was listed as high as $7,200,000 last year. Stay tuned.

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Albert A. Pope Building

221 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA