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Where the T Meets Hubway

The canny cartographers at Bostonography have attempted to meta-map the intersections of the ever-popular Hubway and the MBTA. Behold:

The bus locations, shown in yellow, are straightforward plots of the GPS coordinates. The Hubway trips, each one shown in semi-transparent blue, are speculations about the routes riders may have been, based on the origin and destination stations. ... The final thing on this map is orange points indicating where buses reported doors open near Hubway stations, presumably where passengers boarded or alighted. It's rather fascinating to stare at. Like, look at the convergence of colors around where South Station is. A lot of buses and trains letting people out; and a lot of those people presumably hopping on bikes. Might that pattern be interrupted if there's a casino upstairs?

· MBTA + Boston Bikes Visualization [Bostonography]
· All Aboard and Ante Up! Casino Plan Floated for South Station [Curbed Boston]

New Balance Hubway

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MBTA South Station

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