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Did Somebody Say 'Loft'? In Boston, Probably

To your right you will find the top 10 phrases typed into Google from June 1 to last Friday that brought people to the site of boutique brokerage Warren Residential Group here in Boston. As you can see, there is in this searching what we in the media call a "pattern" (or, in Latin, "trend"): An overwhelming number of the top 10 phrases includes the word "loft." What do prospective buyers and tenants mean when they type "loft"? It depends in this region of ours, with its older housing stock and (for now) limited new development. Mostly, though, it probably means as much of an open floorplan as possible, perhaps higher-than-usual ceilings and an island counter in the kitchen. You know, what most of us don't have and are searching for.

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