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Not So Little Pink House: 15 Hancock's Brave Color Scheme

Get this stoop a pumpkin! Seriously, this 4,325-square-foot townhouse on Hancock Street in Beacon Hill looks in places impossibly quaint. Case in point: the pink walls not just in one of the four bedrooms but elsewhere. Another: the aged exposed beams on the upper floors. And that stoop itself. The townhouse claims provenance in both the Victorian and Federal styles, like Benjamin Disraeli and Alexander Hamilton had a baby (huh, huh?); and includes a separate au pair suite and/or home office off the front vestibule. There's also a sizable bit of outdoor space out back and built-in bookshelves in the second-floor living room. It's asking $2,495,000, and, unlike a lot of its luxury Boston brethren, has not chopped the price one bit.

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15 Hancock Street

15 Hancock Street, Boston, MA