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37 Percent of Downtown Condo Buyers Paying in Cash

'Tis no shock that condo prices and sales are up in downtown Boston. Our latest run of Neighborhood Watches showed sales up, sometimes by double-digit percentages and often in tandem with price increases, in neighborhoods like Back Bay, the North End, Beacon Hill and Charlestown. In fact, there's been a blizzard of recent downtown condo sales in under seven days. And inventory has become a bit of a joke—there's just not that much out there to buy and it goes pretty fast.

What is shocking, however, is the amount of these deals going for cold, hard cash. Brokerage chief Kevin Ahearn tells The Globe's Jenifer B. McKim that about 37 percent of buyers are paying cash. "People are very surprised by it," he said. "You have to be very quick, and you have to be very decisive." Indeed.

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