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In North Cambridge, a Plethora of New Apartment Buildings

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Well, a plethora by the Hub's heretofore anemic development standards. Indeed, at least four new projects are going up in the vicinity of the Alewife terminus of the Red Line, more than enough to move the needle on Cambridge's overall population. All aboard for these:

· A 227-unit building is expected to be move-in ready by October 2013 at the site of the old Faces nightclub off Route 2. It's to be called the "Residences at Alewife," and units could be available for lease as soon as June.
· Construction is expected to start in December on 398 units at a 4-acre site on Cambridgepark Drive. The site recently traded for $25.6 million. (The same developer here, Greg Turner of The Herald reminds us, is developing the much-ballyhooed Pier 4 apartment tower over in Southie.)
· A 4.5-acre site at on Fawcett Street is set to become a 428-unit complex called The Atmark, with construction already under way on the first 260 (the first of those will be ready by the summer). Developer Cabot Cabot & Forbes touts The Atmark as perfect for Cambridge's "young innovation workforce" (read: techies) and also talks up its proximity to transit (wave of the future, we're tellin' ya!)
· Across the street from the 398-unit project and behind the 227-unit one off Route 2 is a 244-unit building at 165 Cambridgepark Drive. It will include nine three-bedrooms, 74 two-bedrooms, 117 one-bedrooms and 44 studios.

These four projects mean 1,297 new apartments for an area that, shall we say, is not necessarily one of the Hub's most thought-about residential neighborhoods. As Marc Levy of Cambridge Day has pointed out, though, the estimated tenants in these buildings by themselves could add at least 1.32 percent to Cambridge's population, nothing to sneeze at given the city's 0.83 percent population growth from 2010 to 2011. This is how it happens.
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The Atmark

70 Fawcett Street, Cambridge, MA