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New Brighton Rail Station; Huntington Y Changes; More!

BRIGHTON—It would be the first concrete thing at the 14-acre New Brighton Landing: "New Balance hopes to open a commuter rail station in Brighton in 2014, which would make it the first completed component of the company's massive planned development." []
FENWAY— The Huntington Y has gotten a lot out of selling part of itself to Northeastern for a new 17-story dorm: "The deal allowed the Y to ­begin the transformation of its aging structure into a more efficient and fully accessible building and to construct a three-story addition with a new gym, pool, and handball courts." [Globe]
MASS.-WIDE—Oops. "Warren Group, a Boston company that tracks local real estate, said Friday that because of 'human error,' it mistakenly reported that fewer foreclosures were begun in September when the number statewide actually rose significantly." [Globe]