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Will 40 Trinity Place Break the Wind?; Mass.' Pending Sales

BACK BAY—Might the planned 33-story 40 Trinity Place muck up downtown's windiness even more? Well, maybe look westward for an answer: "A few years ago, when the 17-story Trilogy building was built a quarter-mile from Fenway Park, many were concerned that the project would change wind patterns on the field, making random gusts more unpredictable and cutting down on offense in the park. ESPN's Home Run Tracker says the average in home runs per game at the park has actually been climbing since 2006, averaging around 1.84 in the mid-2000s and closer to 2.26 now." [Block Avenue]
MASS.-WIDE—Realtors say the commonwealth had a really good October when it came to pending home sales: "The number of single-family homes put under agreement last month was up 35.9 percent to 4,355, compared to 3,204 for the same period last year. ... The number of condos put under agreement last month was up 43.5 percent to 1,673 units compared to 1,166 in October 2011, marking the 11th straight month of double-digit year-over-year increases." [Herald]

Fenway Park

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