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Renter Horror Story Voting Starts Now!

Time to vote for the most horrific renter horror story. Polls open until 2 p.m. Friday. Winner goes on to compete nationally for the chance at a free month's rent. Here are summaries of the top contenders again:

Then, in a moment of shock and horror, we look over and in our third-story window is our neighbor, the drug addict... smiling at us. He had leaned a ladder up against the house, climbed up, and started smiling and waving, as if we'd be thrilled to see him. His mood turned a bit and he started banging on the window and telling us he needed money. More >>

At one point the landlord decided to put a dishwasher into the apartment (the one, completely uncharacteristically conscientious thing he did all year). My roommate and I returned home after work to find the plumber had cut a hole into the living room floor (through the carpet) in order to run the pipes to the new dishwasher. While down there, he thought he'd "found something." The plumber then proceeded to pull a medium-sized dog skeleton through the living room floor and walk it out the front door. More >>

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