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So What's a Good Deal on a Hub Apartment Anyway?

Earlier this Renters Week 2012 we revealed the priciest and cheapest areas in the Hub to rent an apartment. One of you smartly asked us if we could break down the rents by apartment size. We could and we did (with the help of our pals at Zillow). Herewith the median monthly rents as of September for these sizes:

1-BR: $?2,176
2-BR: $?2,379

1-BR: $?2,026
2-BR: $?2,477

1-BR: $?1,803
2-BR: $?2,191

Let this be your pricing guide as your navigate Craigslist. Keep in mind that these are medians, meaning that half the apartments in whatever area and size are renting for above the figure and half below. Good luck.
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