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Don't Get Her Started On Parakeets and Tarantulas

We suppose you can never have too detailed a description of yourself for potential roommates. The below comes from a woman in Medford seeking someone to share her apartment with by Dec. 1 (rent: $550):

I am a 24 year-old, Hair Stylist. I'm very clean and organized. I love to read books, listen to music, watch movies and do arts & crafts. My boyfriend and I own a lot (way too many) DVD's. I love comedy and chick flicks, I also love scary movies but I can't watch them alone lol. I love traveling. I like making trips into Boston to enjoy the day occasionally. I don't go to the gym, bike ride, or go for runs so maybe if I have a roommate who does, I'll be more motivated. I'm not good at Math. I'm allergic to shellfish and seafood freaks me out. Sometimes I wish I had an Irish accent. I'm afraid of bugs but won't scream or cry about them unless it's a spider or one of those creepy centipede things with a million legs—those things will have me dive out of the shower, naked, doing a ninja-dance like there's someone trying to kill me. I like doing things if I have extra cash, go to a concert, show, faire, ect. I wish I could go on vacation more often, who doesn't? I like to drink coffee and tea. I collect rocks when I go to the beach. I love the shows Dexter and True Blood. I have always secretly wanted to be a bad-ass Detective for Boston PD. I like to decorate and make the house smell in season with candles, plug ins, ect. I love Disney everything (except for the new crap shows they play on the Disney channel.) I love coffee mugs and funky pajamas. I love the site Pinterest. I daydream of one day deleting all of my Facebook friends because of how much they aggravate me, but then I wouldn't know what's going on with all the idiots I went to high school with. =) I wish I had the time to be an extreme couponer so I can buy $900 worth of groceries and supplies for $20 and also have a cool mini supermarket of non-perishables in my basement. I also love to cook but always end up throwing away leftovers. Since I have been living alone, I have been ordering out a lot so I'm kinda looking forward to someone to cook and eat with. I usually don't have parties but every once in a while in the Summer I like small BBQ's or occasional girls nights in. I don't expect my roommate to be my best friend but splitting an occasional bottle of wine is cool with me and if we end up being great friends—even better! If you are not matching the requirements at the beginning of this page, I will not answer you. I feel like no one ever reads the full AD, does anyone care who they live with?

If you are one of those weird students coming from some far away place to go to school here and you don't work but your parents are rich and will pay your rent and bills (that's sketchy), if you are not female, if you do not have a steady income, if you are clean and quiet but only have 1 small dog, 2 cats, 3 parakeets, a "friendly" tarantula or 8 goldfish, I will not answer you. Don't waste my time, I won't waste yours.

If you have any questions about the bedroom, house, or myself please email me at any time. Serious inquiries only please! I can also send pictures!

· Our Renters Week 2012 archive [Curbed Boston]