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Damn Shame What They Did to That Dog

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We asked for your renter horror stories, and you responded. Here is the first of two contenders in a vote that starts at 2 p.m. Thursday (today!). Winner goes on to compete nationally for a free month's rent.

My first apartment out of college, near Davis Square in Somerville, was easily the worst place I'd ever lived or will ever live again. Some of its fun quirks included:

· A shower that I had to duck to get into. You were basically bathing yourself in a semi-squat position. By the end of the year, my quads were great, but there was a stain on the ceiling from shampooing.

· After going home with my roommate for a weekend, we returned to find the entire house's sewage had backed up through said shower. The bathroom was 3 inches deep with every kind of human waste imaginable. Literal islands of nastiness. The landlord paid a plumber to fix the back-up, but not to clean the waste? that he left to us.

· At one point the landlord decided to put a dishwasher into the apartment (the one, completely uncharacteristically conscientious thing he did all year). My roommate and I returned home after work to find the plumber had cut a hole into the living room floor (through the carpet) in order to run the pipes to the new dishwasher. While down there, he thought he'd "found something." The plumber then proceeded to pull a medium-sized dog skeleton through the living room floor and walk it out the front door.

After 12 months of living in this pit, the landlord refused to return our security deposit because he felt we scuffed the walls in the hall as we were moving out.
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