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$1K a Foot in Cambridge; New Huntington Ave. Building; More!

FENWAY/KENMORE—The city O.K.'d the Wentworth Institute of Technology's new seven-story dorm at 525 Huntington Avenue: "The 110,760 square-foot building is designed to house 305 students, allowing the school to keep 96 percent of its students living on campus." []
CAMBRIDGE—Only four buildings were asking more than $1,000 a square foot, according to a recent survey, "all full-service luxury buildings on the Charles River or in Harvard Square. There were 14 condominiums or houses sold in the past three years for more per square foot, from $1,003 to $1,516..." [Centers and Squares via Day]
BOSTON—They're going to put their weed in there: "Following the approval of Question 3 legalizing medical marijuana in the state, a city councilor has filed an order to hold a hearing on zoning regulations to govern dispensaries in Boston." [Globe]