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What's .04 Between Friends? A Lot. Car vs. T in Southie

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So maybe transit-oriented development isn't the wave of Boston's future? In the wake of last week's hullabaloo surrounding Governor Patrick's proposal for 10,000 new apartments annually, in compact communities turning on public transit, comes news of a hair-split in Southie that reminds us that people still want parking with their new pads. The six-story, 31-unit building slated for 22-26 West Broadway will have seven on-site parking spaces and a dozen more nearby, creating a ratio of .61 space to every apartment.

Not good enough. Some residents want at least .65 space per apartment. That .04, we think, crystallizes how fine the dividing line is for one of the great debates right now re: Hub development. Several projects, like Maxwell's Green in Somerville (heck, the whole city of Somerville, with its expectation of a Green Line extension), have gone all in on building around public transit. There's also the governor's plan; and what some have labeled Boston's war on cars (witness the disappearing downtown gas station and the rise of the parklets).

As for 22-26 West Broadway, for every resident that wants more parking there seems to be one who sees the Red Line's Broadway stop nearby and asks why on earth. "Addressing parking is important, but I think as it gets more crowded people will start taking the T," a local business owner told's Patrick D. Rosso. Indeed, the debate goes on, with victory coming one peeved commuter at a time.
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Maxwell's Green

Lowell Street, Somerville, MA